Session 3
Mar 26, 2022
3:50 pm
Sheraton- Independence West

Tourism & Influencers

Join us to explore the Business of Travel. How tourism can be used as an economic development tool in Africa?

About this session

Given Africa’s abundance of assets and the advent of influencer culture, tourism is a powerful vehicle to drive social and economic growth and create jobs across the continent. From The High Atlas region in Morocco to “Detty December” in Nigeria, and “Year of the Return” and Afrochella in Ghana, Africa has seen tremendous growth in tourism as African diaspora and international tourists alike visit the continent. Nonetheless, African tourism is still in its early stages. This panel will explore the sector’s biggest opportunities and risks, discuss trends and drivers, and offer perspectives and effective strategies that the region can adopt to promote a more competitive African tourism sector that will meet the desires of prospective visitors while generating value for African countries.

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