Vidette Adjorlolo

Founder & CEO, Sorted Chale

Vidette Adjorlolo is the founder and CEO of Sorted Chale, an African travel startup with presence in Ghana, Ivory Coast and soon to be expanding across 4 other African countries. Vidette champions the perspective that, in order for the international community to fully commit to Africa economically, a level of socio-cultural equity ought to be accumulated. Sorted Chale provides a bridge towards making this a possibility. At the core of Sorted Chale’s  business model is a conscious decision to contribute towards a reduction of the continent’s 12% unemployment rate by providing entrepreneurial opportunities for young people in the tourism sector.

In its first year of operations, Sorted Chale has successfully curated experiences for over 200 "chales" (friends of Africa) , most of whom were visiting Africa for the first time. These include Ivy League University groups and celebrities like Bozoma St John, Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa. Sorted Chale's work till date has contributed to providing more exposure to Africa through the provision of  unique experiences.

Following Vidette’s resignation from HSBC in 2020, where she started her digital banking career and led UKs first commercially viable solution for Open Banking, Vidette relocated to Ghana from Hong Kong to kick start her journey of building Sorted Chale. Her passion stems from travelling to over 30 countries and living in 4. Vidette is committed to ensuring that through Sorted Chale Africa becomes the No1 travel destination of choice for internationals and African diaspora globally. This Schwarzman Scholar, Powerlist Foundation Top 60 Scholar and lecturer at the African Center Hong Kong, believes that "not all wanderers are lost" and encourages the world to wander with her through Africa.

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