About Us

The Africa Business Club (ABC) provides services and resources for African students, students who have worked in Africa, and any student with a professional or cultural interest in Africa. The club also seeks to create a strong and close-knit community for Africans and all those interested in Africa. Our activities are professional, educational, and social in nature, and they are open to all members of the Harvard community. Our members are a diverse set of students who represent varied backgrounds and interests

About the HBS Africa Business Conference.

Twenty-four years ago, African students on HBS’s campus saw the need to create a formal organization to highlight and uplift what it means to be African, do business in Africa and push for African development and prosperity. This need birthed the Africa Business Club (ABC) and informed our mission and purpose. To achieve the goals mentioned above, the Club hosts multiple large-scale events throughout the academic year, including the Africa Business Conference.


Over 1,300 attendees...

The Conference so far

Today, the conference has become Harvard Business School’s largest conference, with over 1,300 attendees, including business leaders, academics, and students worldwide. Year after year, the conference provides an unmatched opportunity to network and exchange ideas with individuals who share a common vision for Africa.


Angel Njenga

Conference co-chair

Osas Idubor-Williams

Conference co-chair

Temmy Ode

Conference co-chair

Emmanuel Iruobe

Chief of Staff

Kathu Gatobu


Priyanka Fouda


Zainab Raji

CFO & Conference Lead