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Nik Pereira-Kamath

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Nik Pereira-Kamath

Nikhil Lawrence Pereira-Kamath is the Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Africa Healthcare Network (“AHN”), having previously held the role of Chief Executive Officer from 2015 through June 2022. Nik established AHN in 2015 with the goal of increasing access to care by increasing awareness and reducing the cost of care in the sub-Saharan region while adhering to global standards of quality. In less than eight years, he has built the organization into the largest pure-play dialysis provider in East Africa with over 30 facilities across the region and expected 35 facilities by YE 2022 and over 100 facilities by YE 2025. He has over 15 years of experience in the dialysis industry in both the U.S. and emerging markets. 

In 2001, Nikhil co-founded and lead a non-for-profit organization, Youth That Care, whose purpose was to fill a critical gap in the provision of healthcare in the developing world, specifically dialysis care. This organization established dialysis centers at six hospitals across India (2002-2005) via the donation of 60+ dialysis machines & other equipment/supplies. Revitalized the organization in 2012 to establish the first dialysis center in Burundi. 

In 2021, Nik was named an Endeavor Entrepreneur and Africa Healthcare Network was chosen as the 1st and only Endeavor Company in Healthcare in East Africa. Additionally, Nik was named as part of the International Society of Nephrology’s 1st Cohort of the Emerging Leaders Program.

Previously, Nik worked in the private equity industry as an associate at Berkshire Partners, a Boston based investment firm with $16.0Bn in AUM. At Berkshire, Nik engaged in all aspects of the investment process. Prior to joining Berkshire, he was an analyst at Morgan Stanley in the Healthcare Group where he focused primarily in biopharmaceuticals and healthcare services. He holds a patent with Harry Goodson IV, Jeffrey Elkins and Samir Patel for the “Treatment Systems and Methods for Renal-Related Diseases”.

Nik was a Candidate for an MBA at Harvard Business School Class of 2016 where he received First Year Honors before deciding to defer his second year to launch AHN – he has since returned to Harvard Business School to complete is 2nd year in the Class of 2023. Nik graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in Economics and a certificate in Finance.


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Breakout 1
10:15 am
Aldrich 110

Digital Health Transformation

Increasing Healthcare Access across Africa and the Role of Technology - Fact, Fiction and Opportunity
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Digital Health Transformation

There continues to be a significant gap across the African continent with regards to increasing access to high quality and affordable healthcare. Brick and mortar healthcare solutions continue to play a major role in improving access to care, accelerated by the push toward Universal Healthcare Coverage. Technology has demonstrated the ability to strengthen health systems, leveraging existing platforms to increase access. These innovative strategies such as digital health are needed to ensure long term success in the continent. However, their successful deployment on a wider scale faces several challenges on the continent. We will be discussing the opportunities, the risks and myths associated with digital health transformation and the successes achieved to-date.

Mar 25, 2023 10:15 AM
Aldrich 110