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Mounir Nakhla

Founder, MNT Halan
Mounir Nakhla

Mounir Nakhla is the Founder and CEO of MNT-Halan, Egypt’s leading  fintech eco-system and the largest growing lender to the unbanked and  underbanked driving the fintech boom in the MENA region. MNT-Halan recently received the largest funding in Egypt and the Middle East in the  past 12 months, with a valuation that exceeds USD 1 billion.  

The MNT-Halan digital ecosystem includes small and micro business  lending, consumer finance, payments and e-commerce. With 1.3 million  monthly active users, MNT-Halan has served more than 5 million  customers in Egypt, of which 3.5 are financial clients and over 2 million  are borrowers. 

Mounir is a serial entrepreneur, founding multiple businesses in the last  decade. In 2010, Mounir founded Mashroey, an asset-based microfinance  company that focused on selling 2 and 3 wheelers and developed to be a  full-fledged consumer finance company. In 2014, he founded Tasaheel,  currently Egypt’s largest microfinance company followed by Halan a  fintech company in 2017, and a payment company in 2019 before putting  them all under one holding MNT-Halan in 2021. 

Nakhla believes in the power of microfinance to improve financial  inclusion and women’s economic empowerment. Last year, MNT-Halan  partnered with DEG and UN Women in support of these causes. 

In his early career, Mounir held progressive positions with Environmental  Quality International since 2000, becoming Manager Partner in 2008,  helping it become Egypt’s leading microfinance consultancy. Mounir  holds a Masters of Science in Environment & Development from the  London School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Science in International  Business Studies from the European Business School.


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11:25 am
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Financial Inclusion

Reducing Frictions in Africa’s Financial Services Ecosystem to drive Economic Growth
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Financial Inclusion

According to the World Bank “Financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs, delivered in a responsible and sustainable way”. Current estimates show about ~55% of Africa’s population is unbanked and ~40% are living in poverty. Fortunately, novel financial technologies and innovative banking systems have begun to revolutionize this dynamic in recent times. This panel will explore three main themes: 1) What does financial inclusion mean in Africa, who exactly has been excluded historically and why is it important to bring them in? 2) What is the responsibility of industry participants to drive financial inclusion and help lift the continent out of poverty? 3) What does the future of Financial Inclusion in Africa look like?

Mar 25, 2023 11:25 AM
Aldrich 109