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Nihmal Marrie

Managing Director & Partner, BCG X
Nihmal Marrie

Nihmal is a Managing Director & Partner at BCG Johannesburg. He has extensive end to end digital transformationexperience, with a demonstrated track record of building successful, highimpact digital teams.

He has led the successful development ofnew ventures with a strong focus on the financial services, energy andtelecommunication industries

BCG experience:

•Ideated and then built a large end to enddigital venture, a digital marketplace, connecting shoppers, informalshop-owners and suppliers for a large African Bank (delivered 8x volume overbusiness case)

•End to end digital transformation andagile at scale project at a large Belgian Telco

•Digital transformation strategy, anddigital factory design a and scale up at a large South African retailer

•Ideated an now building a new digitalecosystem for a large pan African insurer to solve critical customer needspaces within an African context

•Digital roadmap development andcapability design for a large Energy/Petro chemical Group

•Detailed digital maturity assessment forthe large African Banking Group (across all BU's and countries)

•EVP development for a large Fintech inAfrica

•DD assessment for Fintech acquisition inSouth Africa

•Digitalroadmap development for a large South African insurer


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Breakout 3
3:45 pm
Aldrich 111

Africa's Hidden Giants

Building Multigenerational Companies for Sustained Value Creation in Africa
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Africa's Hidden Giants

We go beyond the hype of venture building and block buster investment deals, back to the fundamentals of what it takes to build a large successful enterprise in Africa that can outlive the founders, generate sustained returns and become global players. How are incumbents keeping up with the competition and dynamism of well funded startups? How do muti generational businesses in Africa engage long term levers of governance, ESG and sustainability? What can we learn from the often silent contributors to our economies as we build the companies of the future today? This panel will delve into these pertinent questions from a myriad of perspectives from CEOs of multi generational billion dollar family businesses, corporate venture builders, and Africa's leading PE investors.

Mar 25, 2023 3:45 PM
Aldrich 111